Event: End of Days

End of Days

Session 1

Six months after the event, Norfolk Nebraska is in a state of decay. The majority of the population is now sick or has fled the city. Some people remain resistant to the sickness. The hospital, fire station and police station became undermanned to the point that they are also now closed down. Everyone is sick or paranoid. It did not take long for anarchy to rise in the streets and rival factions to start vying for power. The only force remnant of the U.S. gov’t is the mysterious Section members. The ones in Nebraska and possibly beyond are called Section 4.

TJ Bright was excited to venture to southern Norfolk. With a route planned and a few parsels of food TJ made his way down the flood control to Omaha Avenue. From here he started exploring Omaha Avenue all the way to Hwy 81.

Kyle Reese was heading into town in his Army issue REO truck. Once in town he stopped at the Ampride gas station only to see it was under the control of a local gang. Kyle bartered a few gallons of diesel from them in exchange for five rations. The gas was not plentiful but also not too watered down either. Back on the road Kyle encountered a couple jackknifed semi’s at the top of the viaduct. Thinking to turn around he was taken upon by two truckloads of thugs from the gas staation that he was just at. They had followed him up here to get the jump on him. They radioed in backup from town and another truck sped up close to Kyle, on the other side of the wreckage. Shots were exchanged and Kyle managed to blow out on of the vehicles tires to slow their pursuit. While fleeing Kyle noticed a man on a four wheeler but paid him no mind.

Gideon Dunwright was making his daily excursion along the tracks to various stops looking for parts when he heard the commotion up on the viaduct. He watched everything from his four wheeler and was about to leave to head back to his compound when he heard it. I rifle blast like no other rang out. It came from over the viaduct so Gideon motored on over towards the Ramada Inn.

Both TJ and another soul witnessed this gang convene with others from the Country Inn. They went on patrol and spotted TJ trying to stay hidden among the cars of a dealership. On top of the Inn, Sparrow was doing her daily training when she saw TJ being harassed. As it looked like he was about to be beat down she fired on the driver of the truck who was leaning against the hood. She clipped him through his shoulder and he fled. The other two gang members also hit the deck. Through some quick thinking TJ managed to hot wire a car to aid in his escape but after the shot was heard he had no choice but to lay low in the dealership office.

From across the way Gideon witnessed this and drove over to help TJ. Tj hitched a ride with Gideon as Sparrow collected her things, preparing to leave he safe house. She packed what she could and climbed down the exterior of the hotel. About this time Gideon was cruising by with TJ, they did not notice the stealthy assassin however. Sparrow decided to trail them confronting them when they stopped to load up a heavy duty tow chain. Gideon managed to talk her into joining the group and she walked alongside of them as the headed back to Gideon’s “compound.”

Kyle Reese was busy cruising around southeast Norfolk getting a lay of the land and realizing that major intersections as well as gas stations were not the most friendly of places. He eventually met up with Gideon on his four wheeler and Sparrow walking beside him. TJ was holding a bundle of sorry looking fish that Gideon picked up from a friendly near the river. Gideon told him to come with them and he could hook Kyle up with some diesel.

At the compound Kyle became furious when he did not immediately get his diesel fuel. The compound was full of sic people all in various states of illness. Impatient and untrusting Kyle snatched Gideon and placed his M-9 to his head. Sparrow snuck up behind Kyle and placed her hand crossbow to Kyle’s neck. Reese released the old man as Gideon told a young boy to fetch the fuel. Kyle funneled in two gallons of diesel as TJ watched all of this with baited interest. TJ took to checking on a CB system in an old Mack truck.

Kyle took off on a mountain bike and did some recon of a military base he saw on his way into town. After a hopeless recon mission he finally got some activity. A Sec 4 soldier came out of the military compound to have a smoke and to usher in a Hummer he was waiting for. After another smoke the soldiers went back into the compound. When Kyle made it back he found Sparrow wanting to go back into to town to get supplies. Kyle humored her and the four ventured back into the city. At Bomgaars the four picked up a couple cases of bars and jerky as well as various nuts, bolts, screws as well as feed for the two “don’t look too hot” horses back at the compound. Sparrow also snatched a saddle set complete with blanket.

Kyle let the three know it was time to go when a truck pulled up driving slowly by out in the street. Noticing the Army truck the thugs threatened the party. Shots were exchanged and then some crazy shit started to go down. TJ seemed to threaten a man into death in an event that stands out eerily in the minds of those who witnessed it. Fuckin’ Gideon carved out some dead guys adrenal gland!!! Talk about escalating quickly! The four hightailed it out of there with only one gang member getting away. The four managed to take a few back roads to the compound and were not followed.

Back at the compound Gideon’s assistant Annie (sick herself) informed him that one person had unfortunately died. The victim looked very pale with some of their veins showing through stark black. The victim’s eyes were pale, milky and yellowish around the edges. Noticeable black flecks streak the yellowish-green mucus coming from the deceased nose and other cavities. Gideon did his best to ease everyone’s pain while he tried to explain to Kyle that they needed to make a potentially dangerous overnight trip to get more chemicals. Kyle was not too happy. TJ mentioned heading back to the college area to collect his things as well as snag a microscope and possibly some other things for Gideon to use. Kyle seems reluctant to warm up to anyone and is very interested in the military base and the potential to get fueled up and get the hell out of Dodge.



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