Event: End of Days

The Knights of Norfolk

Session 2

After Kyle scouted out the Section 4 base near the airport he decided to pay a visit to a local cycle shop. Here he found the place mostly ransacked. A couple street bikes remained as well as smaller sized dirt bikes. Towards the back workshop area Kyle found a large locked storage door. He worked over the hinges and finally got into the store room. Here he found an assortment of tools, a reserve battery for motorcycles and a custom built, wide bodied Harley-Davidson hog with side saddles. With gas in the tank and keys in hand Kyle took off on the bike back to the compound. Before he left he noticed a few adult sized dirt bike frames as well as a side car.

Early in the morning about a half dozen people showed up asking for shelter and “medicine.” By the time Kyle got back to the compound Geeter was busy checking his multitude of experiments and chemical reactions in progress. TJ was busy working on the CB he was trying to fix. Sparrow used the distraction of Kyle arriving on his hog to steal bomb making supplies from Geeter’s workshop. Geeter also helped TJ round up a working antennae as well as three other CB’s, and a fourth that was fried. Geeter did realize that his supplies were missing and both Kyle and himself saw Sparrow exiting Geeter’s chemical workshop.

While stashing her bomb making materials Sparrow noticed her horses feeding near the on sit pond. She was horrified to realize that two dead bodies were also in the pond, half in and half on the bank. They had apparently died during the night. The four decided to send TJ and Kyle about a half mile east to bury them. The two reluctantly agreed and took off with the bodies.

When Kyle and TJ got back it seemed TJ convinced Kyle to head up to the college to get the rest of TJ’s supplies. Apparently they were very important to him. The four loaded up in Kyles REO Army truck and followed the flood control to Benjamin Avenue and then followed that a short distance to the Science building on campus. The building was already broken into, thanks in part to TJ. Here TJ rounded up his things but the party soon realized they were not alone. When Kyle went to leave the building he heard some looters scrounging around down a hallway. Kyle silently made his way back to TJ’s office hallway trying to remain hidden from the unknown sick looters. The situation devolved into a fire fight, literally as two of the looters carried with them molotov cocktails. Sparrow was seriously burned to the point of losing consciousness but Geeter “healed” her. Not only did she feel revitalized but her burned flesh seemed to smooth over and return to normal. To couple with this supernatural occurrence TJ Bright sent some form of flying, silent “firework” into one of the looters sending him reeling to the floor.

After the looters were dealt with TJ and the rest of the group made their way to a classroom that led to a professors office. Within the four found their way into a chemical storage closet where the four loaded up a makeshift lab on a cart complete with chemicals, glassware, tubes etc. The group loaded this carefully into Kyle’s truck. Kyle wanted to check out the diesel technology building for fuel. After breaking in and rewiring the console Kyle was disappointed to learn that the underground tanks were practically empty. With a little gas squirted into the tank the four headed back to the compound.

Sally Ann told Geeter when he got back that there were two truck loads of gang members that showed up looking for the “army truck.” Geeter decided to unpack all his supplies, TJ went back to work on his CB’s and Kyle went to cover his truck with a tarp. Sparrow decided to construct her bombs over by the pond. She ruined the first, successfully made two more and then carelessly blew herself up. She caught fire and had to douse herself in the murky pond. She was lucky enough to scatter the bomb making supplies so they did not ignite as well. Geeter and Kyle showed up and admonished her for what she was trying to do. Geeter noticed discarded remnants of his supplies nearby. Around this time the three heard truck approaching the compound as they headed back to the main house.

The gang members confronted Geeter in front of his house. A prominent member of the gang accused Geeter of sheltering the army truck gang. Geeter denied it while the three suspects remained hidden from view as well as the army truck. A large black man named Roderick Strong threatened Geeter to stay out of southeast Norfolk or suffer the wrath of the “Knights of Norfolk” – a local gang denoted by a red armband tied around the left arm. These thugs apparently operate out, at least in part, from the Country Inn as well as the Ampride station that Kyle stopped at when he attempted to enter town. Mr. Strong threatened to burn the compound top the ground if he saw them poking around their territory again. He told Geeter that the “old man” got one free pass because of the medicine he provides them. Roderick also strong armed Geeter into cheaper “prices” in regards to his “product” but also stated that this will now be a dumping spot for the too sick that they are in the process of “evacuating” from their territory. After both trucks sped off another two showed up and dropped off about a dozen surly as well as sick gang members who were immediately moved to house #3.

The rest of the evening the group relaxed and kept their distance from the surly gang members as well as the increasingly sick inhabitants of Geeter’s compound. Sparrow climbed up a tree and worked to devise a detonation system for her two bombs from simple parts found around the compound. Kyle went to sleep and TJ continued to work on his communication plan for wiring up the three houses with cb radio’s. He was also devising an amplification hack for the cb radios.

Later in the dead of night Geeter was finishing up studying as well as taking samples of Mary Lou’s corpse. He was about to snuff out his lantern and head out of his sterile lab when to his horror he took one last look over at the corpse to see it was now sitting up! Shocked and confused Geeter tried to rationalize what he was seeing when the corpse turned its head toward Geeter and immediately lunged for him with a voracious hunger! The two fought tooth and nail from one room of his workshop to another with Geeter finally using potent powers within him to blast the corpses grasping arms off! The living dead seemed to want to devour Geeter alive!! The relentless corpse continued to try and attack Geeter even without arms but the old man finally managed to finish off the monster and move its wrecked corpse back to his lab. Sparrow was scouting out good bomb detonation points around house #3 and heard the commotion. Shee approached the lab shed that Geeter was holed up in. Geeter let her in and showed her what had happened. Sparrow unsheathed her katana and sliced the corpses head off for good measure. Nasty blackish green goo spilled out of the neck cavity and saturated the tiled floor.

Sparrow told Geeter that he must trust her. A confused Geeter looked on as she proceeded to House #1 and roused Sally from sleep. She told Sally to round up all the sick and put them in house #3. Sally was confused and consulted with Geeter. Geeter and Sparrow had a heated argument as a handful of sick people as well as TJ woke up and witnessed the later part of the exchange of heated words. Sally was let in on what truly happened while TJ and the rest of the sick were still in the dark about what happened but knew there was definitely some anger in the air. Sparrow apparently wanted to round up everyone, barricade them in house #3 and torch it. Geeter could not let this happen. The night ended with Geeter and Sparrow agreeing to disagree. Throughout the night Kyle sawed logs and TJ, having got a little sleep fell back into slumber until the morning light filtered in through the cab of the Mack truck.



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