Event: End of Days

Flame On

Session 5

In the a.m. the clan found only seven had died through the night…a large sum but less than previous days. Of the seven one was a boy of the age of six. His distraught father was burying him just north of the compound. Geeter tried to convince him to move and it worked after the old caretaker gave the man some medicine. While the entire group headed off to bury/burn the dead Sparrow stayed behind. She did her best to gather what she thought was precious to everyone in the group and she loaded it into Kyle’s REO truck named Lucille. Sparrow then hot-wired the vehicle and drove it right in front of the compound. She walked back into the compound with two detonators.

Sally was on the porch of house two, having recently moved herself there as her condition had worsened. Sparrow bolted past her after having set the turn timer near Geeter’s shack. Sally looked at the Russian in a confused manner and called out to her. Sally questioned Sparrow’s intentions but before she could pursue Sparrow hit both detonation devices blowing both house three and two sky high and coordinating the blasts with her timed explosion. The entire eastern portion of the compound erupted in three pillars of flame! The one near Geeter’s shack was massive!

Kyle Reese, Geeter, Trin and TJ witnessed the sabotage from about a half mile away. Geeter slowly rolled to a stop in disbelief as tears were fought back behind his greasy goggles. Kyle whipped out his rifle and took a short dash up the road. Sparrow appeared dashing out of the compound and hit the dirt in front of Kyle’s eyes. Kyle took a shot at her and missed before she got up and started running toward the group. Sparrow caught up with the group and began pleading her case to Trin, TJ and Kyle. Geeter heard nothing as he walked silently and slowly away…north into a field. Sparrow saw him and tried to pursue but Kyle was giving her the third degree. He simply did not buy her story and the other two reserved judgment until more evidence came to light. Sparrow took off after Geeter while Kyle ran back and drove his hot-wired Lucille east past TJ who took up Geeter’s 4-wheeler. Some people, those not charred to death ran into the road. Noting that black Hummer’s and REO trucks were heading this way.

Trin decided to follow Geeter and Sparrow’s path while TJ followed Kyle. Kyle headed north the first chance he could and saw Sparrow and Geeter in a field off in the distance…the smoking compound burning eerily in the background. As Geeter was running he was taken upon by a very pale and obviously sick man. The man was dirty and Geeter swore he recognized the guy as having died on the compound over two days ago. The man lunged for Getter and broke the aging man’s comatose stupor. Getter shrugged the sick man off him as Sparrow ran up. The beast of a man saw her and charged at her in a lumbering manner. He tried to grab her but missed. Geeter joined the fight after Sparrow was bitten by the man. Geeter fell to the ground in agony in his emotion filled state as Sparrow stumbled on her words admitting she blew the compound up. Sparrow tried to comfort him as he healed her. As he did this he began to sap her life energy in an uncontrolled fashion. Trin, TJ and Kyle arrived around this time and ripped Sparrow from Geeter’s grasp. The caretaker apologized and tried to compose himself.

Sparrow noted that the area where she was bitten did not heal fully like when Geeter had done it before with his strange powers. The wound itches and does not look the best. Neither Sparrow or Geeter mentioned the attack as the group loaded up the 4-wheeler and decided to head back into town. Before they left Kyle noticed the ominous helicopter in the distance on the horizon. The group drove the truck back into town and under a bridge on a highway as the helicopter caught up and pursued them! Kyle got out and climbed to the top of the highway. He popped off three miracle shots that clipped the chopper’s rotor! The pilot had to adjust as the copter jerked suddenly to one side threatening to spin out of control! Kyle fired again and nailed the pilot! Sparrow joined in and also rained down a couple shots as the copter began a hasty retreat! One final shot from Sparrow sent the chopper in an altitude lift away from the group before spinning out of control and crashing down into a neighborhood blocks away!

The gang sped off into the country as Section four trucks arrived on the scene! Two Hummer’s and two REO’s trailed them. The group managed to lose two of the trucks and another when Geeter pulled some serious driving out as the group made their own road out of town. One truck pursued and followed them as Geeter tried to turn off the road. The Section 4 truck featured shooters who capped off a round into the driver’s side rear tire. Geeter had to come to a stop. A firefight broke out between the group with bullets, tear gas, stun guns and the groups’ potent powers. In the end all but one Section 4 member was killed…the other knocked out. Sparrow tied up and loaded his body into the truck as the rest of the group gathered what loot they could while also changing a flat tire Section 4 blew out and stealing the spare from the Section 4 truck. The truck itself disabled by Section 4 and the group who drained the tank on the ground and left the vehicle while they tried to figure out what to do next. The group drove around for a bit before Kyle pulled over in a woody turn in because he was running dangerously low on fuel. Everyone got out and tried to relax. Tension was heavy in the air. Arguments rose and fell about their next course of action.

It was decided that the group would wait until night fall and try to sneak back towards the compound and try and salvage what they could. The group devoured Sparrow’s snack back…the five of them famished after a long hard day. The only water the group has is what is in their respective packs or canteens. When the sun dipped below the western horizon the group snuck back towards the compound on foot. Plumes of smoke could still be seen making it easy to track the compound in the full moonlight. Trin made it there first and noted that Section 4 had blocked the exit from the country road to the paved road to the west. Headlights could be seen denoting the same at the end of the country mile heading east where Kyle had headed north after the compound went up.

The rest of the group caught up and successfully snuck across the gravel road to meet up with Trin who had climbed a tree. Trin could not alert the group to the alarmingly presence of Section 4 prowling around the compound. Everyone successfully snuck across the road except for TJ. The Section 4 members noticed him and lit him up with a spotlight. The Hummer’s flashed on their bright lights as well as the group realized they had been had. More flood lights came from the compound grounds as voices of alert struck up. TJ was ordered to put his hands behind his head and lie on the ground. He started to comply before sending a flaming blast their way to create the diversion he needed to hightail it out of there the way he had come! It was not long before the rest of the group followed suit as it was evident almost immediately that this was some form of trap or ambush. Clearly Section 4 had anticipated the group’s return. Sadly the brief glimpses of the compound’s revealed even more damage than Geeter could fathom. Piles of burnt husks were evident and there were no sign of the dozens of people who may have survived the explosions.

The five sprinted as fast as they could across the open field but did not get very far before they were set upon by three more Section four members. Trin dealt with a regular member of Section 4 but the other three who arrived on the scene were obviously different. Although the full moonlight was bright it did not showcase the scene well for the group. However the group could discern that the regular SWAT looking garb of Section 4 featuring glossy helmets with tinted visors, face/nose masks, body armor, fingerless gloves and killer boots were replaced with odd textured pieced together uniforms that although strikingly similar, were still unique enough to differentiate the three. Two of the unique Section 4 member’s hands glowed with energy similar to what TJ utilizes.

• The first wore an expression of malice. Intimidating to say the least the man’s garb is odd and almost ceremonial in design. The uniform features wide shoulders with draping fabric tucked into and hanging over wraps of what looks like body armor. The man looked Asian and displayed a crackling violet mess of electricity around his right hand. His eyes leaked forth the same sinister violet energy.

• The second villain showcased a malevolent sneer. He displayed deep and haunting blue energy around both fists and his presence was heightened by his matching pupiless white –blue glowing eyes. His hair short, spiky and irregular. His attire looked like leather and cloth combined with metal studs and intricate inlays of chrome… twisting and turning in elegant patterns. Leather straps appeared wrapped around his arms and legs as well as midsection. He also wears what looks like a studded leather trench coat over his attire.

• The third individual wore a solemn expression and could be considered the most professionally dressed. His Section 4 attire looked oddly similar to a suit. He definitely stands out and wears a brimmed hat. He also sports a long detective like coat. The attire is striking and it compliments his equally notable features. The man is definitely all business.

The group was assaulted with blasts of blue-white enrgy from the spiky haired sinister agent. He also uttered forth uneasy words that put the group at edge – Trin in particular. The solemn man spoke only one word….”sleep.” Trin felt his body on the edge of sleep…his movement slowed as he fought to maintain consciousness. The man who carried himself with an aura of malice sent forth blasts of deadly and valued electricity without apprehension and without breaking his intent glare. The group was not faring well and more Section 4 members could be heard scrambling to the scene. To the far left and right the group could see the vehicles of Section 4 speeding down the roads flanking the field they were running through. The man who wore malice like a glove vanished from sight as he became a shimmering distorted illusion. He appeared right in the face of one of the group…locked eyes with them and uttered matter-of-factly that no matter how fast and far they ran….they could never hope to hide. He echoed this with a grave laugh that seemed amplified in the crisp night air.

With vehicles anticipating their arrival at the other end of the field and Agents trailing them with other Section members not far behind it is not long before bullets start to fly by the group’s heads. Geeter tumbles and falls, TJ and Trin have no choice but to turn to hoist the man up and get him back on the move losing valuable seconds fleeing through the uneven and bumpy field. Bull horns are utilized and decree that the group lie down on the ground with their hands behind their heads and no one will get hurt. Kyle Reese is identified by name as is Professor Gideon Dunwright. The group contemplates breaking left or right but there is just flashing Section lights waiting for them! The situation gets dire as the group faces the fact that they may have just walked into a trap they might not be able to get out of!



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