Event: End of Days

Gang Raid

Session 4

In the downtime the characters had a chance to accomplish some personal goals. Sparrow put together two working bombs with respective detonation device although the system only has a 100’ range due to inferior remote control equipment. She also managed to break into Geeter’s chemical shack in a stealthy manner…so stealthy that when he noticed the supplies that she pilfered missing he immediately knew who was at fault. With the chemicals she put together she made a third explosive device, this one with a sixty minute turn timer. TJ Bright managed to rig up all three houses with a CB system and installed a fourth in Geeter’s work shop. Geeter managed to develop three solid formulas for creating interesting alchemical items. The aging caretaker also worked tirelessly to assemble items from scrap around his compound utilizing his new found inner spark for technology that has done nothing but accelerate in recent weeks. The monk Trin trained and kept mostly to himself over the course of the downtime staying away from Kyle Reese who also layed low working on his motorcycle and cleaning his firearms.

In the morning Sparrow was feeling sluggish so she partook in her first round of Geeter’s medicine and fell in love. With more and more people dying burying duty has become quite the task. The five loaded up a flat bed with seven dead bodies as well as paint thinner and other flammable chemicals. On the way to the dig site Kyle noticed a helicopter in the sky over the burning city. Numerous plumes of smoke wafted up from the chaotic town as the chopper weaved in and out of them. Sparrow tried to get a good look at the chopper with her scope but the flatbed was too bumpy. At the dig site she spied a black chopper with a Section 1 logo on the side. The five noticed more dug out earth so Sparrow tracked a spiderweb of tracks out from the hole. The other four dug the hole larger and disposed of the bodies. The flames wore a sickening perfume so the five high tailed it back to the compound.

At the junkyard Kyle moved his REO truck into a metal shed. Here TJ was monitoring the CB for radio chatter and he came across something peculiar. Classical music playing over channel 17. Kyle threatened TJ to turn off the CB but TJ was entranced with the tune and finished it out before locating other radio chatter. Everyone else was herded into the houses and told to keep out of sight in case the chopper came this far south. Trin took up watch on the northwest side of the compound and spied three vehicles moving in. One stopped far away and about a half dozen people got out. The other two trucks kept heading up the road. Trin sent a signal to the others across the junkyard with a laser pointer. They started to close in on the western side of the junkyard. Trin saw three gang members with jugs of flammable liquids heading toward the house. he managed to make a beeline for them and drop all three of them with ease. Two more small groups made their way in although only two had firearms. The rest of the group caught up with the action and the five managed to deal with this wave fairly well. There was no time for rest however as the house number one was on fire!

The five made their way down there to see over a dozen gang members hooting and hollering and trying to set the house on fire with molotov cocktails. Among the gang members was Roderick Strong, a general in the gang and the one personally strong arming Geeter. The battle proved fairly intense with Roderick displaying powers of fire that were not only impressive but deadly as well. TJ fell during the fight but Geeter was quick to his side. The five dealt with more gang members with firepower as well as cocktail lobbers all around the house. When the gang was mostly dispatched Roderick tried to make a break for it. Trin caught him and knocked him out. Two more gang members caught up with Trin and layed a hurt on him but the rest of the group managed to show up to more than even the odds. The five drug Roderick back towards the house where a bucket brigade was formed to save house one. Kyle put a gun to the head of Roderick to finish him off. Sparrow disagreed saying they needed to interrogate the man with strange powers. Kyle interrogated the unconscious man with a burst from his firearm. Sparrow, having had enough of Kyle and has behavior lately notched a hand crossbow bolt and sunk it into Kyle’s thigh! There was a tense moment of awkward silence between the entire group as the group realized the entire compound had gathered around and was watching their actions. A flash of anger moved across Kyle’s eyes before he turned and walked off with a limp in silence towards his truck. After the group went their own ways to revel in their own personal projects some more people came from town with grave news.

Eighteen people showed up in a group. They had lived in western Norfolk in a neighborhood together. As a group of about two dozen they were forced out after they banned together to fight off looters. They let the group know that some rogue neighborhoods remain free throughout the town but many areas are slowly burning or already in shambles. Looters and organized crime have taken the city and the sick to a new horror besides just withering away in front of the ones you love. Most of the men from the group were killed on the way defending the women and children. Only five men remain and one is seriously injured with bite and claw wounds. The people speak tearfully of the horrors of the city. What was once a silent, sick city teetering on the brink of chaos only a week ago has devolved into a sick reality of looting, rape and murder with factions vying for power. Then the mumbles of what Geeter did not want to hear. Deep down he knew it was coming however as the words start to come forth from hushed lips. First hand reports of crazy, feral people attacking others and feasting upon their living flesh!

Unfortunately if word of the compound has spread throughout the city…who else could be coming soon and in how many numbers? When will Geeter close his doors? The new group that has arrived have some pretty sick people with them as well and are taken to the respective house they need to be in. But not before thanking the lucky stars that those kind army people in the black trucks with a four on them pretty much escorted them the remainder of the way here, fighting with looters and gang members. The “army people” seemed really interested in why they were going here but after hearing about the place decided to stay clear of it…for health reasons?

Or for other reasons all together?

In the dead of night when mostly everyone is sleeping the compound is set upon by a low flying chopper…it’s blinding spotlight scanning the compound. The entire group is woken up to witness the event as well as a lot of the sick but they stay in the houses and lay low. After about five minutes that seem like five thousand…the chopper flies off and disappears into the silent sky.

Current population of the compound:
Sick: 72
Total who have died: 36 (gang members included)
Not Sick: 11 (five are the PC’s, one is a elderly man and the other is a man in his mid thirties who came to the compound with some of the earlier groups. Four more non-sick people join the compound: a husband and wife in their early twenties, a young girl around the age of eighteen and her friend who is approximately the same age.)



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