Event: End of Days

Section 4

Session 3

With more dead Geeter and TJ took off for digging duty. Kyle was on his morning run and about to make it back to the compound when he heard commotion. Five of the thuggish gang members were harassing Sally for more “medicine.” They even took to physical violence against the nurturing woman. The situation devolved quickly as Kyle unholstered his fire arm. A mysterious Asian man, dressed in the garb of the gang intervened as well as Sparrow. In the end only one of the gang members dies before the situation was defused. A portion of the sick on the compound started to wonder why all this trouble has started with the arrival of Kyle, his army truck and the other non-sick members of the compound. Perhaps jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head as the sick are seemingly just now beginning to accept their fate….a fate that only Geeter knows the true horrors of.

Geeter and TJ arrived back at the compound and learned of the situation. Surprisingly Sally stuck up for her assaulters claiming they were just sick. For the rest of the day TJ worked with his communications experiments, Geeter attended his patients and experiments in progress. Sparrow took to finalizing her detonation devices for her two remaining bombs while Kyle did what he does best in keeping to himself. Geeter met up with “T”, the Asian who helped Sally. Together the two shared things about themselves and developed a slight bond.

Kyle was approached by a gang member who was not sick. The man wanted Kyle to defect and join the Knights of Norfolk, the local gang that the group has been having issues with. Kyle immediately hauled this man in as a traitor. The man said he had no allegiance to this sick place and seemed disgusted with his current situation. Kyle did what he does best and pointed a gun at the man, telling him to get down and shut up. Kyle took the man to Geeter and claimed the man to be a spy. Kyle immediately assumed that “T” was also a spy, trying to trick Geeter into developing a sense of trust with him. In the end the spy tried to run claiming that this place will burn and they can all burn with it. Kyle fired off a shot and put the man down. Blood pooled all around him and mixed with the dirt creating a sludge of brownish vitae around the body. Geeter told Kyle to clean up his mess with a shake of the head. kyle took the order like a soldier and complied.

Later in the day towards sunset the group decided to head approximately 15 miles away and secure more chemicals to be used in the manufacture of Geeter’s medicine. The four took Kyle’s REO truck and headed out to the large farm. Kyle wore his night vision glasses to drive without headlights. At the farm the group dealt with some squatters who had made the farm their own. Whether they be family who have a stake in the land or random strangers the groups seemed not to care as they left a couple dead and others on the brink of consciousness before finally hooking up a chemical trailer to the REO and heading back towards the compound.

At the intersection of the highway the group encountered two REO truck similar to Kyle’s. They were decked out in police lights and immediately turned on their high beams as well as cherries. Sec. 4 got on the intercom and told Kyle to step out of the vehicle with his hands on the hood. Kyle stepped on the gas instead. The vehicles jockeyed for position before the situation developed into a full blown fire fight. During the tense and life threatening encounter Sec. 4 clearly noted the use of crazy abilities from the group – especially TJ. Although the flashing red and blue lights masked some of TJ’s laser blasts, they were still pretty obvious and used without discretion.

The Sec. 4 members proved to be quite the adversary with their body armor and firearms, equipment the group has rarely encountered. When the situation started to look like it was going to be bad and the second truck of Sec. 4 members was about to unload on the party an adolescent male ran into the fray! The man taunted to Sec. 4 members who reacted knowingly to the kid. “Hey fuckers!” he hollered, “you are looking for me right? Well catch me if you can!” With that the kid levitated off the ground and flew away! Kyle remembered seeing something of the sort on the country highway when he was heading towards this very intersection but though he may be seeing things. The initial Sec. 4 truck that the group battled with was taken out of action as it rolled into a ditch, upending itself on the way down. The second REO truck took off towards the flying kid but “T” ran right after them! Even though he was fired upon by three men he still made it to the truck and managed to K.O. the driver. The Sec. 4 members in the back hopped out and blew out their own tires to prevent the group from gaining the vehicle. The other remaining Sec. 4 members that were not dead or incapacitated scattered as lights from up north indicated that help was coming for the militaristic group. With little time to work with the group reconvened in Kyle’s truck and sped off into the dead of night…the long way home. Kyle was concerned with his fuel level as well as the juice drained from his night vision goggles.

As the sun started to rise the group made it back to the compound knowing that they made yet another dangerous adversary. The group, exhausted, slept through the day and utilized the next few days to work on personal projects as well as recover from their recent fights. One thing is certain though. People keep dying and more people keep showing up. The burying duty is becoming too much for two people to handle and the graves which were dug before, look to be either dug up….or dug out of.

Current population of the compound:
Sick: 62
Total who have died: 28
Not Sick: 7



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