Event: End of Days

Relocating Part II

A high speed chase commenced down the debris ridden highway. Kyle managed to drive like a bat out of hell and outrun over half of their pursuers. The chase however was a ruse as the Sheriff caught up with the group and bottlenecked them into a dead end ambush! The group had to fight off the enemies from the hospital in a bloody and drawn out battle. Kyle Reese was damn near killed once again but the quick wit or Sparrow and the healing prowess of Geeter pulled the soldier through. In the battle the Sheriff was killed by sparrow as well as others drawing the attention of nearby walking dead! The remaining combatants fled as the corpses shuddered forth from behind sheds and barns.

After the escape was made the group went back to their temporary camp to see if TJ or Trin had tried to contact them…but there was no way. The group drove around until they found a secluded farmhouse on a rural road southeast of Norfolk on the way to Stanton. The house looks like a prime spot to avoid any unwanted attention…

What awaits them there however?



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