Event: End of Days

Time to Flee

After the events that unfolded during the failed return to the compound the group scattered! All five of them started running south into the darkness with only the blazing light of the moon to guide them. The field they traversed was far from even in regards to footing. Bullets as well as colored blasts of energy flew past them as they attempted to flee. The field was littered with bails of hay that were a godsend to the group.

As Section 4 members gained on the group it became apparent that there was a mound directly ahead of them. Sparrow yelled to the group to head to the mound. however…as the group got closer to the mound the sizable mass was revealed to be a mass of dead humans…feeding on the corpse of a horse! The gang of undead immediately noticed the charging humans and started to disperse their way. TJ, his heart being obviously larger than his brain ran right up to the mass of zombies in attempted to assault the group. TJ releases a wave of impulsive energy that tore through about half of the walking dead. The other half turned their immediate attention to the unfortunate student.

TJ was drug down to the ground as over a handful of zombies began to rip at his flesh. Without the other worldly healing efforts of one Gideon Dunwright it is certain that TJ would have been eaten alive that night! This happened to not be the case however as the assumed enemy in Section 4 turned their assault from the group to the undead declaring a “code red.” During the commotion the group started to disperse. Kyle and Sparrow scattered as did Geeter and T. The Section 4 general wearing the trench coat with intricate weaved silver patterns continued to ignore the walking dead and focus his assault on the group of supposed heroes. As the zombies closed in they were slowly torn apart by Section 4 as well as the heroes who used the bails of hay as a height advantage with Kyle doubling back in and around to ignite one with a flare gun blast.

T almost gave himself up but managed to rejoin the groups retreat and with his speed he actually led the abandonment of the field as the remaining zombies tore into Section 4 with few remaining alive…but all of the generals intact. It seemed that as the group scattered and fled back towards the camp that the Section 4 generals either called off the assault or were too involved in dealing with their own fallen to pursue the group. Now the group makes their way one by one back to the encampment. The silhouettes of many buried humans now walking the forsaken earth are vivid on the horizon.

The group must now survive as any noise will draw the attention of the walking corpses as well as the Section 4 group they may or may not be in the immediate vicinity. Hopefully the group can all make it back to encampment alive..but what awaits them there?



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