Event: End of Days

Relocating Part II

A high speed chase commenced down the debris ridden highway. Kyle managed to drive like a bat out of hell and outrun over half of their pursuers. The chase however was a ruse as the Sheriff caught up with the group and bottlenecked them into a dead end ambush! The group had to fight off the enemies from the hospital in a bloody and drawn out battle. Kyle Reese was damn near killed once again but the quick wit or Sparrow and the healing prowess of Geeter pulled the soldier through. In the battle the Sheriff was killed by sparrow as well as others drawing the attention of nearby walking dead! The remaining combatants fled as the corpses shuddered forth from behind sheds and barns.

After the escape was made the group went back to their temporary camp to see if TJ or Trin had tried to contact them…but there was no way. The group drove around until they found a secluded farmhouse on a rural road southeast of Norfolk on the way to Stanton. The house looks like a prime spot to avoid any unwanted attention…

What awaits them there however?

Relocating Part I

A Section 4 member by the name of Royce Alvarez was waiting for Kyle Reese back at his REO “Lucille.” He warned that Section 4 was “rounding up supes” and urged Kyle to join the group to save himself some headache. The two shared the acquaintance of Royce’s cousin Miguel who was stationed on Kyle’s base before shit went down. Sparrow showed up as Royce took off. As the Section 4 member was fleeing he almost ran into Geeter Dun who was the last of the five to make his way back to the camp. TJ and Trin never caught up.

Sparrow took first watch and when it was time for Geeter to take over she climbed into her tree and checked her phone…feeling homesick. She was startled to see an almost month old text from her contact. Her low battery prevented her from checking her phone and she felt the urge to head out towards the messages destination.


Exhaustion got the best of her however and she took a brief refresher as Geeter had an encounter of his own. Kyle Reese witnessed the conversation as the flying kid soared in and told Geeter that he encountered Trin and that Trin was on his way to the “hideout.” Geeter was apprehensive and wanted to know where TJ was but the flying teen had not seen the college student. TJ was filled with the desire to set out ofter TJ but the remnants of Section 4 in the area halted his urge.

After Sparrow had an adequate sleep she convinced the group to head towards the hospital. Geeter devised a route and they set out. As they prepared to cross the highway the noticed a blockade. As the group moved a burned out truck out of the way Kyle noticed a sorry looking man standing over an open hooded car. The grizzled face of the deadman shocked Reese and the group had to deal with a small contingent of zombies before they could continue.

With the walking dead put down the group made their way to the hospital. Cars and trucks were backed up en route so the three stashed “Lucille” a few hundred yards away and made their way on foot to the hospital. the group was not as stealthy as they thought and were set upon by at least a dozen armed guards led by a disgusting mirrored aviator wearing fat man who was referred to as “The Sheriff.” Kyle recognized the odds and gave up…Geeter had no choice but to do the same. Sparrow however had other ideas…

She managed to get away as a handful of guards pursued her. She stashed her items on the roof of a nearby building and headed back. She managed to sneak into the hospital but was captured after scuffling with a large contingent of guards. She was imprisoned alongside Kyle and Geeter.

The group lost track of time as the days on imprisonment stretched on. They were sustained by moldy bread and stagnant water. Eventually Geeter was removed from his cell which was incidentally locked by an electronic system Jerry-rigged via a nearby generator. Labs were nearby and Geeter was taken alone to the nicest. The lab was still in an incredible amount of disarray. Here Geeter pored through notes and failed experiments in progress. He discovered that the research being done here was similar to his own and could be used to prevent the disease from taking hold so quickly…and eventually, with thorough research and sound facilities the disease could be potentially stifled.

“The Sheriff” rounded up the rest of the group to meet “The Doctor.” The group was taken to an at one time plush administrative ward of the basement where they were shown the dead body of the doctor. He had gotten sick and died…the group that was here with him put him down and moved in. Geeter took the opportunity to create a diversion. Sparrow and Kyle capitalized and a grueling battle commenced. Kyle was dropped and had to be revived by Geeter while Sparrow did her best to manage the remaining guards. In the chaos “The Sheriff” got away and summoned reinforcements. The back ups engaged the group until many fled when the three got the upper hand…Kyle finally getting his hands on a firearm. With many dead the group rounded up some supplies including their equipment, chemical items and research notes.

The group made their way up a level to the ground floor via a debris ridden stairwell. Here they ascended to the second floor after a large group of guards spotted them and gave chase. Leaping out a second floor window the group made their way back to “Lucille” battling stray guards along the way. Walking dead also started to zero in on the area as gunfire rang out in the quiet afternoon air. “Lucille” was hot wired and on the road heading west as three car loads of goons gave chase.

Time to Flee

After the events that unfolded during the failed return to the compound the group scattered! All five of them started running south into the darkness with only the blazing light of the moon to guide them. The field they traversed was far from even in regards to footing. Bullets as well as colored blasts of energy flew past them as they attempted to flee. The field was littered with bails of hay that were a godsend to the group.

As Section 4 members gained on the group it became apparent that there was a mound directly ahead of them. Sparrow yelled to the group to head to the mound. however…as the group got closer to the mound the sizable mass was revealed to be a mass of dead humans…feeding on the corpse of a horse! The gang of undead immediately noticed the charging humans and started to disperse their way. TJ, his heart being obviously larger than his brain ran right up to the mass of zombies in attempted to assault the group. TJ releases a wave of impulsive energy that tore through about half of the walking dead. The other half turned their immediate attention to the unfortunate student.

TJ was drug down to the ground as over a handful of zombies began to rip at his flesh. Without the other worldly healing efforts of one Gideon Dunwright it is certain that TJ would have been eaten alive that night! This happened to not be the case however as the assumed enemy in Section 4 turned their assault from the group to the undead declaring a “code red.” During the commotion the group started to disperse. Kyle and Sparrow scattered as did Geeter and T. The Section 4 general wearing the trench coat with intricate weaved silver patterns continued to ignore the walking dead and focus his assault on the group of supposed heroes. As the zombies closed in they were slowly torn apart by Section 4 as well as the heroes who used the bails of hay as a height advantage with Kyle doubling back in and around to ignite one with a flare gun blast.

T almost gave himself up but managed to rejoin the groups retreat and with his speed he actually led the abandonment of the field as the remaining zombies tore into Section 4 with few remaining alive…but all of the generals intact. It seemed that as the group scattered and fled back towards the camp that the Section 4 generals either called off the assault or were too involved in dealing with their own fallen to pursue the group. Now the group makes their way one by one back to the encampment. The silhouettes of many buried humans now walking the forsaken earth are vivid on the horizon.

The group must now survive as any noise will draw the attention of the walking corpses as well as the Section 4 group they may or may not be in the immediate vicinity. Hopefully the group can all make it back to encampment alive..but what awaits them there?

Flame On

Session 5

In the a.m. the clan found only seven had died through the night…a large sum but less than previous days. Of the seven one was a boy of the age of six. His distraught father was burying him just north of the compound. Geeter tried to convince him to move and it worked after the old caretaker gave the man some medicine. While the entire group headed off to bury/burn the dead Sparrow stayed behind. She did her best to gather what she thought was precious to everyone in the group and she loaded it into Kyle’s REO truck named Lucille. Sparrow then hot-wired the vehicle and drove it right in front of the compound. She walked back into the compound with two detonators.

Sally was on the porch of house two, having recently moved herself there as her condition had worsened. Sparrow bolted past her after having set the turn timer near Geeter’s shack. Sally looked at the Russian in a confused manner and called out to her. Sally questioned Sparrow’s intentions but before she could pursue Sparrow hit both detonation devices blowing both house three and two sky high and coordinating the blasts with her timed explosion. The entire eastern portion of the compound erupted in three pillars of flame! The one near Geeter’s shack was massive!

Kyle Reese, Geeter, Trin and TJ witnessed the sabotage from about a half mile away. Geeter slowly rolled to a stop in disbelief as tears were fought back behind his greasy goggles. Kyle whipped out his rifle and took a short dash up the road. Sparrow appeared dashing out of the compound and hit the dirt in front of Kyle’s eyes. Kyle took a shot at her and missed before she got up and started running toward the group. Sparrow caught up with the group and began pleading her case to Trin, TJ and Kyle. Geeter heard nothing as he walked silently and slowly away…north into a field. Sparrow saw him and tried to pursue but Kyle was giving her the third degree. He simply did not buy her story and the other two reserved judgment until more evidence came to light. Sparrow took off after Geeter while Kyle ran back and drove his hot-wired Lucille east past TJ who took up Geeter’s 4-wheeler. Some people, those not charred to death ran into the road. Noting that black Hummer’s and REO trucks were heading this way.

Trin decided to follow Geeter and Sparrow’s path while TJ followed Kyle. Kyle headed north the first chance he could and saw Sparrow and Geeter in a field off in the distance…the smoking compound burning eerily in the background. As Geeter was running he was taken upon by a very pale and obviously sick man. The man was dirty and Geeter swore he recognized the guy as having died on the compound over two days ago. The man lunged for Getter and broke the aging man’s comatose stupor. Getter shrugged the sick man off him as Sparrow ran up. The beast of a man saw her and charged at her in a lumbering manner. He tried to grab her but missed. Geeter joined the fight after Sparrow was bitten by the man. Geeter fell to the ground in agony in his emotion filled state as Sparrow stumbled on her words admitting she blew the compound up. Sparrow tried to comfort him as he healed her. As he did this he began to sap her life energy in an uncontrolled fashion. Trin, TJ and Kyle arrived around this time and ripped Sparrow from Geeter’s grasp. The caretaker apologized and tried to compose himself.

Sparrow noted that the area where she was bitten did not heal fully like when Geeter had done it before with his strange powers. The wound itches and does not look the best. Neither Sparrow or Geeter mentioned the attack as the group loaded up the 4-wheeler and decided to head back into town. Before they left Kyle noticed the ominous helicopter in the distance on the horizon. The group drove the truck back into town and under a bridge on a highway as the helicopter caught up and pursued them! Kyle got out and climbed to the top of the highway. He popped off three miracle shots that clipped the chopper’s rotor! The pilot had to adjust as the copter jerked suddenly to one side threatening to spin out of control! Kyle fired again and nailed the pilot! Sparrow joined in and also rained down a couple shots as the copter began a hasty retreat! One final shot from Sparrow sent the chopper in an altitude lift away from the group before spinning out of control and crashing down into a neighborhood blocks away!

The gang sped off into the country as Section four trucks arrived on the scene! Two Hummer’s and two REO’s trailed them. The group managed to lose two of the trucks and another when Geeter pulled some serious driving out as the group made their own road out of town. One truck pursued and followed them as Geeter tried to turn off the road. The Section 4 truck featured shooters who capped off a round into the driver’s side rear tire. Geeter had to come to a stop. A firefight broke out between the group with bullets, tear gas, stun guns and the groups’ potent powers. In the end all but one Section 4 member was killed…the other knocked out. Sparrow tied up and loaded his body into the truck as the rest of the group gathered what loot they could while also changing a flat tire Section 4 blew out and stealing the spare from the Section 4 truck. The truck itself disabled by Section 4 and the group who drained the tank on the ground and left the vehicle while they tried to figure out what to do next. The group drove around for a bit before Kyle pulled over in a woody turn in because he was running dangerously low on fuel. Everyone got out and tried to relax. Tension was heavy in the air. Arguments rose and fell about their next course of action.

It was decided that the group would wait until night fall and try to sneak back towards the compound and try and salvage what they could. The group devoured Sparrow’s snack back…the five of them famished after a long hard day. The only water the group has is what is in their respective packs or canteens. When the sun dipped below the western horizon the group snuck back towards the compound on foot. Plumes of smoke could still be seen making it easy to track the compound in the full moonlight. Trin made it there first and noted that Section 4 had blocked the exit from the country road to the paved road to the west. Headlights could be seen denoting the same at the end of the country mile heading east where Kyle had headed north after the compound went up.

The rest of the group caught up and successfully snuck across the gravel road to meet up with Trin who had climbed a tree. Trin could not alert the group to the alarmingly presence of Section 4 prowling around the compound. Everyone successfully snuck across the road except for TJ. The Section 4 members noticed him and lit him up with a spotlight. The Hummer’s flashed on their bright lights as well as the group realized they had been had. More flood lights came from the compound grounds as voices of alert struck up. TJ was ordered to put his hands behind his head and lie on the ground. He started to comply before sending a flaming blast their way to create the diversion he needed to hightail it out of there the way he had come! It was not long before the rest of the group followed suit as it was evident almost immediately that this was some form of trap or ambush. Clearly Section 4 had anticipated the group’s return. Sadly the brief glimpses of the compound’s revealed even more damage than Geeter could fathom. Piles of burnt husks were evident and there were no sign of the dozens of people who may have survived the explosions.

The five sprinted as fast as they could across the open field but did not get very far before they were set upon by three more Section four members. Trin dealt with a regular member of Section 4 but the other three who arrived on the scene were obviously different. Although the full moonlight was bright it did not showcase the scene well for the group. However the group could discern that the regular SWAT looking garb of Section 4 featuring glossy helmets with tinted visors, face/nose masks, body armor, fingerless gloves and killer boots were replaced with odd textured pieced together uniforms that although strikingly similar, were still unique enough to differentiate the three. Two of the unique Section 4 member’s hands glowed with energy similar to what TJ utilizes.

• The first wore an expression of malice. Intimidating to say the least the man’s garb is odd and almost ceremonial in design. The uniform features wide shoulders with draping fabric tucked into and hanging over wraps of what looks like body armor. The man looked Asian and displayed a crackling violet mess of electricity around his right hand. His eyes leaked forth the same sinister violet energy.

• The second villain showcased a malevolent sneer. He displayed deep and haunting blue energy around both fists and his presence was heightened by his matching pupiless white –blue glowing eyes. His hair short, spiky and irregular. His attire looked like leather and cloth combined with metal studs and intricate inlays of chrome… twisting and turning in elegant patterns. Leather straps appeared wrapped around his arms and legs as well as midsection. He also wears what looks like a studded leather trench coat over his attire.

• The third individual wore a solemn expression and could be considered the most professionally dressed. His Section 4 attire looked oddly similar to a suit. He definitely stands out and wears a brimmed hat. He also sports a long detective like coat. The attire is striking and it compliments his equally notable features. The man is definitely all business.

The group was assaulted with blasts of blue-white enrgy from the spiky haired sinister agent. He also uttered forth uneasy words that put the group at edge – Trin in particular. The solemn man spoke only one word….”sleep.” Trin felt his body on the edge of sleep…his movement slowed as he fought to maintain consciousness. The man who carried himself with an aura of malice sent forth blasts of deadly and valued electricity without apprehension and without breaking his intent glare. The group was not faring well and more Section 4 members could be heard scrambling to the scene. To the far left and right the group could see the vehicles of Section 4 speeding down the roads flanking the field they were running through. The man who wore malice like a glove vanished from sight as he became a shimmering distorted illusion. He appeared right in the face of one of the group…locked eyes with them and uttered matter-of-factly that no matter how fast and far they ran….they could never hope to hide. He echoed this with a grave laugh that seemed amplified in the crisp night air.

With vehicles anticipating their arrival at the other end of the field and Agents trailing them with other Section members not far behind it is not long before bullets start to fly by the group’s heads. Geeter tumbles and falls, TJ and Trin have no choice but to turn to hoist the man up and get him back on the move losing valuable seconds fleeing through the uneven and bumpy field. Bull horns are utilized and decree that the group lie down on the ground with their hands behind their heads and no one will get hurt. Kyle Reese is identified by name as is Professor Gideon Dunwright. The group contemplates breaking left or right but there is just flashing Section lights waiting for them! The situation gets dire as the group faces the fact that they may have just walked into a trap they might not be able to get out of!

Gang Raid

Session 4

In the downtime the characters had a chance to accomplish some personal goals. Sparrow put together two working bombs with respective detonation device although the system only has a 100’ range due to inferior remote control equipment. She also managed to break into Geeter’s chemical shack in a stealthy manner…so stealthy that when he noticed the supplies that she pilfered missing he immediately knew who was at fault. With the chemicals she put together she made a third explosive device, this one with a sixty minute turn timer. TJ Bright managed to rig up all three houses with a CB system and installed a fourth in Geeter’s work shop. Geeter managed to develop three solid formulas for creating interesting alchemical items. The aging caretaker also worked tirelessly to assemble items from scrap around his compound utilizing his new found inner spark for technology that has done nothing but accelerate in recent weeks. The monk Trin trained and kept mostly to himself over the course of the downtime staying away from Kyle Reese who also layed low working on his motorcycle and cleaning his firearms.

In the morning Sparrow was feeling sluggish so she partook in her first round of Geeter’s medicine and fell in love. With more and more people dying burying duty has become quite the task. The five loaded up a flat bed with seven dead bodies as well as paint thinner and other flammable chemicals. On the way to the dig site Kyle noticed a helicopter in the sky over the burning city. Numerous plumes of smoke wafted up from the chaotic town as the chopper weaved in and out of them. Sparrow tried to get a good look at the chopper with her scope but the flatbed was too bumpy. At the dig site she spied a black chopper with a Section 1 logo on the side. The five noticed more dug out earth so Sparrow tracked a spiderweb of tracks out from the hole. The other four dug the hole larger and disposed of the bodies. The flames wore a sickening perfume so the five high tailed it back to the compound.

At the junkyard Kyle moved his REO truck into a metal shed. Here TJ was monitoring the CB for radio chatter and he came across something peculiar. Classical music playing over channel 17. Kyle threatened TJ to turn off the CB but TJ was entranced with the tune and finished it out before locating other radio chatter. Everyone else was herded into the houses and told to keep out of sight in case the chopper came this far south. Trin took up watch on the northwest side of the compound and spied three vehicles moving in. One stopped far away and about a half dozen people got out. The other two trucks kept heading up the road. Trin sent a signal to the others across the junkyard with a laser pointer. They started to close in on the western side of the junkyard. Trin saw three gang members with jugs of flammable liquids heading toward the house. he managed to make a beeline for them and drop all three of them with ease. Two more small groups made their way in although only two had firearms. The rest of the group caught up with the action and the five managed to deal with this wave fairly well. There was no time for rest however as the house number one was on fire!

The five made their way down there to see over a dozen gang members hooting and hollering and trying to set the house on fire with molotov cocktails. Among the gang members was Roderick Strong, a general in the gang and the one personally strong arming Geeter. The battle proved fairly intense with Roderick displaying powers of fire that were not only impressive but deadly as well. TJ fell during the fight but Geeter was quick to his side. The five dealt with more gang members with firepower as well as cocktail lobbers all around the house. When the gang was mostly dispatched Roderick tried to make a break for it. Trin caught him and knocked him out. Two more gang members caught up with Trin and layed a hurt on him but the rest of the group managed to show up to more than even the odds. The five drug Roderick back towards the house where a bucket brigade was formed to save house one. Kyle put a gun to the head of Roderick to finish him off. Sparrow disagreed saying they needed to interrogate the man with strange powers. Kyle interrogated the unconscious man with a burst from his firearm. Sparrow, having had enough of Kyle and has behavior lately notched a hand crossbow bolt and sunk it into Kyle’s thigh! There was a tense moment of awkward silence between the entire group as the group realized the entire compound had gathered around and was watching their actions. A flash of anger moved across Kyle’s eyes before he turned and walked off with a limp in silence towards his truck. After the group went their own ways to revel in their own personal projects some more people came from town with grave news.

Eighteen people showed up in a group. They had lived in western Norfolk in a neighborhood together. As a group of about two dozen they were forced out after they banned together to fight off looters. They let the group know that some rogue neighborhoods remain free throughout the town but many areas are slowly burning or already in shambles. Looters and organized crime have taken the city and the sick to a new horror besides just withering away in front of the ones you love. Most of the men from the group were killed on the way defending the women and children. Only five men remain and one is seriously injured with bite and claw wounds. The people speak tearfully of the horrors of the city. What was once a silent, sick city teetering on the brink of chaos only a week ago has devolved into a sick reality of looting, rape and murder with factions vying for power. Then the mumbles of what Geeter did not want to hear. Deep down he knew it was coming however as the words start to come forth from hushed lips. First hand reports of crazy, feral people attacking others and feasting upon their living flesh!

Unfortunately if word of the compound has spread throughout the city…who else could be coming soon and in how many numbers? When will Geeter close his doors? The new group that has arrived have some pretty sick people with them as well and are taken to the respective house they need to be in. But not before thanking the lucky stars that those kind army people in the black trucks with a four on them pretty much escorted them the remainder of the way here, fighting with looters and gang members. The “army people” seemed really interested in why they were going here but after hearing about the place decided to stay clear of it…for health reasons?

Or for other reasons all together?

In the dead of night when mostly everyone is sleeping the compound is set upon by a low flying chopper…it’s blinding spotlight scanning the compound. The entire group is woken up to witness the event as well as a lot of the sick but they stay in the houses and lay low. After about five minutes that seem like five thousand…the chopper flies off and disappears into the silent sky.

Current population of the compound:
Sick: 72
Total who have died: 36 (gang members included)
Not Sick: 11 (five are the PC’s, one is a elderly man and the other is a man in his mid thirties who came to the compound with some of the earlier groups. Four more non-sick people join the compound: a husband and wife in their early twenties, a young girl around the age of eighteen and her friend who is approximately the same age.)

Section 4

Session 3

With more dead Geeter and TJ took off for digging duty. Kyle was on his morning run and about to make it back to the compound when he heard commotion. Five of the thuggish gang members were harassing Sally for more “medicine.” They even took to physical violence against the nurturing woman. The situation devolved quickly as Kyle unholstered his fire arm. A mysterious Asian man, dressed in the garb of the gang intervened as well as Sparrow. In the end only one of the gang members dies before the situation was defused. A portion of the sick on the compound started to wonder why all this trouble has started with the arrival of Kyle, his army truck and the other non-sick members of the compound. Perhaps jealousy is starting to rear its ugly head as the sick are seemingly just now beginning to accept their fate….a fate that only Geeter knows the true horrors of.

Geeter and TJ arrived back at the compound and learned of the situation. Surprisingly Sally stuck up for her assaulters claiming they were just sick. For the rest of the day TJ worked with his communications experiments, Geeter attended his patients and experiments in progress. Sparrow took to finalizing her detonation devices for her two remaining bombs while Kyle did what he does best in keeping to himself. Geeter met up with “T”, the Asian who helped Sally. Together the two shared things about themselves and developed a slight bond.

Kyle was approached by a gang member who was not sick. The man wanted Kyle to defect and join the Knights of Norfolk, the local gang that the group has been having issues with. Kyle immediately hauled this man in as a traitor. The man said he had no allegiance to this sick place and seemed disgusted with his current situation. Kyle did what he does best and pointed a gun at the man, telling him to get down and shut up. Kyle took the man to Geeter and claimed the man to be a spy. Kyle immediately assumed that “T” was also a spy, trying to trick Geeter into developing a sense of trust with him. In the end the spy tried to run claiming that this place will burn and they can all burn with it. Kyle fired off a shot and put the man down. Blood pooled all around him and mixed with the dirt creating a sludge of brownish vitae around the body. Geeter told Kyle to clean up his mess with a shake of the head. kyle took the order like a soldier and complied.

Later in the day towards sunset the group decided to head approximately 15 miles away and secure more chemicals to be used in the manufacture of Geeter’s medicine. The four took Kyle’s REO truck and headed out to the large farm. Kyle wore his night vision glasses to drive without headlights. At the farm the group dealt with some squatters who had made the farm their own. Whether they be family who have a stake in the land or random strangers the groups seemed not to care as they left a couple dead and others on the brink of consciousness before finally hooking up a chemical trailer to the REO and heading back towards the compound.

At the intersection of the highway the group encountered two REO truck similar to Kyle’s. They were decked out in police lights and immediately turned on their high beams as well as cherries. Sec. 4 got on the intercom and told Kyle to step out of the vehicle with his hands on the hood. Kyle stepped on the gas instead. The vehicles jockeyed for position before the situation developed into a full blown fire fight. During the tense and life threatening encounter Sec. 4 clearly noted the use of crazy abilities from the group – especially TJ. Although the flashing red and blue lights masked some of TJ’s laser blasts, they were still pretty obvious and used without discretion.

The Sec. 4 members proved to be quite the adversary with their body armor and firearms, equipment the group has rarely encountered. When the situation started to look like it was going to be bad and the second truck of Sec. 4 members was about to unload on the party an adolescent male ran into the fray! The man taunted to Sec. 4 members who reacted knowingly to the kid. “Hey fuckers!” he hollered, “you are looking for me right? Well catch me if you can!” With that the kid levitated off the ground and flew away! Kyle remembered seeing something of the sort on the country highway when he was heading towards this very intersection but though he may be seeing things. The initial Sec. 4 truck that the group battled with was taken out of action as it rolled into a ditch, upending itself on the way down. The second REO truck took off towards the flying kid but “T” ran right after them! Even though he was fired upon by three men he still made it to the truck and managed to K.O. the driver. The Sec. 4 members in the back hopped out and blew out their own tires to prevent the group from gaining the vehicle. The other remaining Sec. 4 members that were not dead or incapacitated scattered as lights from up north indicated that help was coming for the militaristic group. With little time to work with the group reconvened in Kyle’s truck and sped off into the dead of night…the long way home. Kyle was concerned with his fuel level as well as the juice drained from his night vision goggles.

As the sun started to rise the group made it back to the compound knowing that they made yet another dangerous adversary. The group, exhausted, slept through the day and utilized the next few days to work on personal projects as well as recover from their recent fights. One thing is certain though. People keep dying and more people keep showing up. The burying duty is becoming too much for two people to handle and the graves which were dug before, look to be either dug up….or dug out of.

Current population of the compound:
Sick: 62
Total who have died: 28
Not Sick: 7

The Knights of Norfolk

Session 2

After Kyle scouted out the Section 4 base near the airport he decided to pay a visit to a local cycle shop. Here he found the place mostly ransacked. A couple street bikes remained as well as smaller sized dirt bikes. Towards the back workshop area Kyle found a large locked storage door. He worked over the hinges and finally got into the store room. Here he found an assortment of tools, a reserve battery for motorcycles and a custom built, wide bodied Harley-Davidson hog with side saddles. With gas in the tank and keys in hand Kyle took off on the bike back to the compound. Before he left he noticed a few adult sized dirt bike frames as well as a side car.

Early in the morning about a half dozen people showed up asking for shelter and “medicine.” By the time Kyle got back to the compound Geeter was busy checking his multitude of experiments and chemical reactions in progress. TJ was busy working on the CB he was trying to fix. Sparrow used the distraction of Kyle arriving on his hog to steal bomb making supplies from Geeter’s workshop. Geeter also helped TJ round up a working antennae as well as three other CB’s, and a fourth that was fried. Geeter did realize that his supplies were missing and both Kyle and himself saw Sparrow exiting Geeter’s chemical workshop.

While stashing her bomb making materials Sparrow noticed her horses feeding near the on sit pond. She was horrified to realize that two dead bodies were also in the pond, half in and half on the bank. They had apparently died during the night. The four decided to send TJ and Kyle about a half mile east to bury them. The two reluctantly agreed and took off with the bodies.

When Kyle and TJ got back it seemed TJ convinced Kyle to head up to the college to get the rest of TJ’s supplies. Apparently they were very important to him. The four loaded up in Kyles REO Army truck and followed the flood control to Benjamin Avenue and then followed that a short distance to the Science building on campus. The building was already broken into, thanks in part to TJ. Here TJ rounded up his things but the party soon realized they were not alone. When Kyle went to leave the building he heard some looters scrounging around down a hallway. Kyle silently made his way back to TJ’s office hallway trying to remain hidden from the unknown sick looters. The situation devolved into a fire fight, literally as two of the looters carried with them molotov cocktails. Sparrow was seriously burned to the point of losing consciousness but Geeter “healed” her. Not only did she feel revitalized but her burned flesh seemed to smooth over and return to normal. To couple with this supernatural occurrence TJ Bright sent some form of flying, silent “firework” into one of the looters sending him reeling to the floor.

After the looters were dealt with TJ and the rest of the group made their way to a classroom that led to a professors office. Within the four found their way into a chemical storage closet where the four loaded up a makeshift lab on a cart complete with chemicals, glassware, tubes etc. The group loaded this carefully into Kyle’s truck. Kyle wanted to check out the diesel technology building for fuel. After breaking in and rewiring the console Kyle was disappointed to learn that the underground tanks were practically empty. With a little gas squirted into the tank the four headed back to the compound.

Sally Ann told Geeter when he got back that there were two truck loads of gang members that showed up looking for the “army truck.” Geeter decided to unpack all his supplies, TJ went back to work on his CB’s and Kyle went to cover his truck with a tarp. Sparrow decided to construct her bombs over by the pond. She ruined the first, successfully made two more and then carelessly blew herself up. She caught fire and had to douse herself in the murky pond. She was lucky enough to scatter the bomb making supplies so they did not ignite as well. Geeter and Kyle showed up and admonished her for what she was trying to do. Geeter noticed discarded remnants of his supplies nearby. Around this time the three heard truck approaching the compound as they headed back to the main house.

The gang members confronted Geeter in front of his house. A prominent member of the gang accused Geeter of sheltering the army truck gang. Geeter denied it while the three suspects remained hidden from view as well as the army truck. A large black man named Roderick Strong threatened Geeter to stay out of southeast Norfolk or suffer the wrath of the “Knights of Norfolk” – a local gang denoted by a red armband tied around the left arm. These thugs apparently operate out, at least in part, from the Country Inn as well as the Ampride station that Kyle stopped at when he attempted to enter town. Mr. Strong threatened to burn the compound top the ground if he saw them poking around their territory again. He told Geeter that the “old man” got one free pass because of the medicine he provides them. Roderick also strong armed Geeter into cheaper “prices” in regards to his “product” but also stated that this will now be a dumping spot for the too sick that they are in the process of “evacuating” from their territory. After both trucks sped off another two showed up and dropped off about a dozen surly as well as sick gang members who were immediately moved to house #3.

The rest of the evening the group relaxed and kept their distance from the surly gang members as well as the increasingly sick inhabitants of Geeter’s compound. Sparrow climbed up a tree and worked to devise a detonation system for her two bombs from simple parts found around the compound. Kyle went to sleep and TJ continued to work on his communication plan for wiring up the three houses with cb radio’s. He was also devising an amplification hack for the cb radios.

Later in the dead of night Geeter was finishing up studying as well as taking samples of Mary Lou’s corpse. He was about to snuff out his lantern and head out of his sterile lab when to his horror he took one last look over at the corpse to see it was now sitting up! Shocked and confused Geeter tried to rationalize what he was seeing when the corpse turned its head toward Geeter and immediately lunged for him with a voracious hunger! The two fought tooth and nail from one room of his workshop to another with Geeter finally using potent powers within him to blast the corpses grasping arms off! The living dead seemed to want to devour Geeter alive!! The relentless corpse continued to try and attack Geeter even without arms but the old man finally managed to finish off the monster and move its wrecked corpse back to his lab. Sparrow was scouting out good bomb detonation points around house #3 and heard the commotion. Shee approached the lab shed that Geeter was holed up in. Geeter let her in and showed her what had happened. Sparrow unsheathed her katana and sliced the corpses head off for good measure. Nasty blackish green goo spilled out of the neck cavity and saturated the tiled floor.

Sparrow told Geeter that he must trust her. A confused Geeter looked on as she proceeded to House #1 and roused Sally from sleep. She told Sally to round up all the sick and put them in house #3. Sally was confused and consulted with Geeter. Geeter and Sparrow had a heated argument as a handful of sick people as well as TJ woke up and witnessed the later part of the exchange of heated words. Sally was let in on what truly happened while TJ and the rest of the sick were still in the dark about what happened but knew there was definitely some anger in the air. Sparrow apparently wanted to round up everyone, barricade them in house #3 and torch it. Geeter could not let this happen. The night ended with Geeter and Sparrow agreeing to disagree. Throughout the night Kyle sawed logs and TJ, having got a little sleep fell back into slumber until the morning light filtered in through the cab of the Mack truck.

End of Days

Session 1

Six months after the event, Norfolk Nebraska is in a state of decay. The majority of the population is now sick or has fled the city. Some people remain resistant to the sickness. The hospital, fire station and police station became undermanned to the point that they are also now closed down. Everyone is sick or paranoid. It did not take long for anarchy to rise in the streets and rival factions to start vying for power. The only force remnant of the U.S. gov’t is the mysterious Section members. The ones in Nebraska and possibly beyond are called Section 4.

TJ Bright was excited to venture to southern Norfolk. With a route planned and a few parsels of food TJ made his way down the flood control to Omaha Avenue. From here he started exploring Omaha Avenue all the way to Hwy 81.

Kyle Reese was heading into town in his Army issue REO truck. Once in town he stopped at the Ampride gas station only to see it was under the control of a local gang. Kyle bartered a few gallons of diesel from them in exchange for five rations. The gas was not plentiful but also not too watered down either. Back on the road Kyle encountered a couple jackknifed semi’s at the top of the viaduct. Thinking to turn around he was taken upon by two truckloads of thugs from the gas staation that he was just at. They had followed him up here to get the jump on him. They radioed in backup from town and another truck sped up close to Kyle, on the other side of the wreckage. Shots were exchanged and Kyle managed to blow out on of the vehicles tires to slow their pursuit. While fleeing Kyle noticed a man on a four wheeler but paid him no mind.

Gideon Dunwright was making his daily excursion along the tracks to various stops looking for parts when he heard the commotion up on the viaduct. He watched everything from his four wheeler and was about to leave to head back to his compound when he heard it. I rifle blast like no other rang out. It came from over the viaduct so Gideon motored on over towards the Ramada Inn.

Both TJ and another soul witnessed this gang convene with others from the Country Inn. They went on patrol and spotted TJ trying to stay hidden among the cars of a dealership. On top of the Inn, Sparrow was doing her daily training when she saw TJ being harassed. As it looked like he was about to be beat down she fired on the driver of the truck who was leaning against the hood. She clipped him through his shoulder and he fled. The other two gang members also hit the deck. Through some quick thinking TJ managed to hot wire a car to aid in his escape but after the shot was heard he had no choice but to lay low in the dealership office.

From across the way Gideon witnessed this and drove over to help TJ. Tj hitched a ride with Gideon as Sparrow collected her things, preparing to leave he safe house. She packed what she could and climbed down the exterior of the hotel. About this time Gideon was cruising by with TJ, they did not notice the stealthy assassin however. Sparrow decided to trail them confronting them when they stopped to load up a heavy duty tow chain. Gideon managed to talk her into joining the group and she walked alongside of them as the headed back to Gideon’s “compound.”

Kyle Reese was busy cruising around southeast Norfolk getting a lay of the land and realizing that major intersections as well as gas stations were not the most friendly of places. He eventually met up with Gideon on his four wheeler and Sparrow walking beside him. TJ was holding a bundle of sorry looking fish that Gideon picked up from a friendly near the river. Gideon told him to come with them and he could hook Kyle up with some diesel.

At the compound Kyle became furious when he did not immediately get his diesel fuel. The compound was full of sic people all in various states of illness. Impatient and untrusting Kyle snatched Gideon and placed his M-9 to his head. Sparrow snuck up behind Kyle and placed her hand crossbow to Kyle’s neck. Reese released the old man as Gideon told a young boy to fetch the fuel. Kyle funneled in two gallons of diesel as TJ watched all of this with baited interest. TJ took to checking on a CB system in an old Mack truck.

Kyle took off on a mountain bike and did some recon of a military base he saw on his way into town. After a hopeless recon mission he finally got some activity. A Sec 4 soldier came out of the military compound to have a smoke and to usher in a Hummer he was waiting for. After another smoke the soldiers went back into the compound. When Kyle made it back he found Sparrow wanting to go back into to town to get supplies. Kyle humored her and the four ventured back into the city. At Bomgaars the four picked up a couple cases of bars and jerky as well as various nuts, bolts, screws as well as feed for the two “don’t look too hot” horses back at the compound. Sparrow also snatched a saddle set complete with blanket.

Kyle let the three know it was time to go when a truck pulled up driving slowly by out in the street. Noticing the Army truck the thugs threatened the party. Shots were exchanged and then some crazy shit started to go down. TJ seemed to threaten a man into death in an event that stands out eerily in the minds of those who witnessed it. Fuckin’ Gideon carved out some dead guys adrenal gland!!! Talk about escalating quickly! The four hightailed it out of there with only one gang member getting away. The four managed to take a few back roads to the compound and were not followed.

Back at the compound Gideon’s assistant Annie (sick herself) informed him that one person had unfortunately died. The victim looked very pale with some of their veins showing through stark black. The victim’s eyes were pale, milky and yellowish around the edges. Noticeable black flecks streak the yellowish-green mucus coming from the deceased nose and other cavities. Gideon did his best to ease everyone’s pain while he tried to explain to Kyle that they needed to make a potentially dangerous overnight trip to get more chemicals. Kyle was not too happy. TJ mentioned heading back to the college area to collect his things as well as snag a microscope and possibly some other things for Gideon to use. Kyle seems reluctant to warm up to anyone and is very interested in the military base and the potential to get fueled up and get the hell out of Dodge.


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