Event: End of Days

Relocating Part I

A Section 4 member by the name of Royce Alvarez was waiting for Kyle Reese back at his REO “Lucille.” He warned that Section 4 was “rounding up supes” and urged Kyle to join the group to save himself some headache. The two shared the acquaintance of Royce’s cousin Miguel who was stationed on Kyle’s base before shit went down. Sparrow showed up as Royce took off. As the Section 4 member was fleeing he almost ran into Geeter Dun who was the last of the five to make his way back to the camp. TJ and Trin never caught up.

Sparrow took first watch and when it was time for Geeter to take over she climbed into her tree and checked her phone…feeling homesick. She was startled to see an almost month old text from her contact. Her low battery prevented her from checking her phone and she felt the urge to head out towards the messages destination.


Exhaustion got the best of her however and she took a brief refresher as Geeter had an encounter of his own. Kyle Reese witnessed the conversation as the flying kid soared in and told Geeter that he encountered Trin and that Trin was on his way to the “hideout.” Geeter was apprehensive and wanted to know where TJ was but the flying teen had not seen the college student. TJ was filled with the desire to set out ofter TJ but the remnants of Section 4 in the area halted his urge.

After Sparrow had an adequate sleep she convinced the group to head towards the hospital. Geeter devised a route and they set out. As they prepared to cross the highway the noticed a blockade. As the group moved a burned out truck out of the way Kyle noticed a sorry looking man standing over an open hooded car. The grizzled face of the deadman shocked Reese and the group had to deal with a small contingent of zombies before they could continue.

With the walking dead put down the group made their way to the hospital. Cars and trucks were backed up en route so the three stashed “Lucille” a few hundred yards away and made their way on foot to the hospital. the group was not as stealthy as they thought and were set upon by at least a dozen armed guards led by a disgusting mirrored aviator wearing fat man who was referred to as “The Sheriff.” Kyle recognized the odds and gave up…Geeter had no choice but to do the same. Sparrow however had other ideas…

She managed to get away as a handful of guards pursued her. She stashed her items on the roof of a nearby building and headed back. She managed to sneak into the hospital but was captured after scuffling with a large contingent of guards. She was imprisoned alongside Kyle and Geeter.

The group lost track of time as the days on imprisonment stretched on. They were sustained by moldy bread and stagnant water. Eventually Geeter was removed from his cell which was incidentally locked by an electronic system Jerry-rigged via a nearby generator. Labs were nearby and Geeter was taken alone to the nicest. The lab was still in an incredible amount of disarray. Here Geeter pored through notes and failed experiments in progress. He discovered that the research being done here was similar to his own and could be used to prevent the disease from taking hold so quickly…and eventually, with thorough research and sound facilities the disease could be potentially stifled.

“The Sheriff” rounded up the rest of the group to meet “The Doctor.” The group was taken to an at one time plush administrative ward of the basement where they were shown the dead body of the doctor. He had gotten sick and died…the group that was here with him put him down and moved in. Geeter took the opportunity to create a diversion. Sparrow and Kyle capitalized and a grueling battle commenced. Kyle was dropped and had to be revived by Geeter while Sparrow did her best to manage the remaining guards. In the chaos “The Sheriff” got away and summoned reinforcements. The back ups engaged the group until many fled when the three got the upper hand…Kyle finally getting his hands on a firearm. With many dead the group rounded up some supplies including their equipment, chemical items and research notes.

The group made their way up a level to the ground floor via a debris ridden stairwell. Here they ascended to the second floor after a large group of guards spotted them and gave chase. Leaping out a second floor window the group made their way back to “Lucille” battling stray guards along the way. Walking dead also started to zero in on the area as gunfire rang out in the quiet afternoon air. “Lucille” was hot wired and on the road heading west as three car loads of goons gave chase.



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