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There was an event. Some form of solar or cosmic wave of energy that assaulted the Earth. It was visible. This was also around the time that mass communication and transport was disrupted. Also around this time the majority of people on Earth reportedly got “the epidemic”…some form of superflu. There were many who attributed this baffling sickness to the “event” before communications officially fell.

In regards to the sickness, some people were naturally immune to this epidemic. Oddly enough around this time people began experiencing wondrous as well as horrific occurrences with their own “talents.” Reports of people acquiring “powers” have surfaced or others natural talents being enhanced. To some this is simply hear say or unbelievable. In general people with powers are discriminated against as “freaks.”

The federal government has dissolved and delegated all powers to the states. The military is now known as Section 4. What was once a Democracy has fallen to individual governments in certain states. Without mass communication it is easy to influence the minds of others. The once proud armed forces of the U.S. have broken off into mercenary groups with various goals.

Many groups within states have surfaced vying for power. Some areas, such as towns, counties and the like are safer than others. Among rumors in this rural area are the following: Towns have become ruled by self-appointed or sometimes elected leaders. Sometimes prisons, hospitals and colleges are their own little withdrawn town unto themselves.

Paranoia is rampant as food and water supplies, although still readily available, begin to realistically dwindle. Communication such as phone lines, satellites and the internet are all disrupted or controlled but rumored to still be available in certain places. Gas is like gold and is increasingly harder and harder to find. Electricity exists in certain self-sustained areas but widely down throughout the country. Generators and their fuel are highly sought after.

Finally, before mass communication fell there were grizzly reports of dead people rising up and attacking anything alive. They apparently have an insatiable hunger for living flesh. Many rumors run wild and hopefully this horrible one regarding the walking dead is just that…only a rumor.

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