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Rule Alterations

Alignment: N/A
Wealth: Cash, although it has become devalued exponentially
Skills: Altered (see below)

-Skill: Religion is replaced with Knowledge. Knowledge is power and for every (+) you have in your Intelligence modifier you gain one selected Knowledge (i.e. Drive, Firearms, Engineering etc.) of your choice. Each one of these Knowledge’s uses your Religion skill modifier for their skill check.

i.e. Your Intelligence modifier is +2. You select two Knowledge’s of your choice relevant to your character that are not covered by traditional skills for example drive or security. Your modifier for these skills would be the same as your Religion Skill.

Altered/Expanded Skills

Acrobatics – Dodge
Arcana – Psionics, Occult, Superpowers
Athletics – Climb, Swim
Bluff – Subterfuge
Diplomacy – n/a
Dungeoneering – Underground Direction, Caving, Tracking below ground
Endurance –
Heal – Medicine, First Aid, Holistic Healing
History – Local, World, Specific
Insight – Empathy
Intimidate – Interrogation
Nature – Animal Ken, Survival, Tracking
Perception – Listen, Search
Religion – (CHANGE: Knowledge’s) choose any one for every Int. modifier: Communication, Craft, Drive, Etiquette, Firearms, Pilot, Perform, Security, Engineering, Academics, Computer, Finance, Investigation, Law, Language, Politics, Religion, Science etc.
Stealth – Move Silent, Hide, Disguise
Streetwise – Underground, Slang
Thievery – Locksmith, Escape Artist, Forgery, Slight of Hand, Steal

New Rules

Signature Moves/Preferred Power Rule

-starting at 1st (and every 3 levels i.e. 1,3,6,9) -gain a Power Pool of dice (d6’s) -you can expend a d6 (free action) as a daily power to add any number of dice in your dice pool to any roll you make -i.e. at 3rd level you decide to expend (free action/daily power) a d6 from your pool to aid on your attack. When you attack you roll an additional d6 and add the result to your initial d20 roll. You roll a 8 on your d20 roll but a 6 on your d6 for a total of 14. This plus your modifier is good enough to hit. 3rd level PC’s have a 2d6 Power Pool. Since this attack is key you also decide to expend your last d6 to your damage roll. You roll damage and when that is done you add an additional d6 from your Power Pool. You have used up your power pool for the day. You need at least six hours of rest to regain your power pool.


Two basic types of people
1) Humans (may or may not have powers)
2) True Immune Human (may or may not have powers)

Two types of classes (Evolved or Basic)
EVOLVED – Wizard, Sorceror, Cleric, Psion, Warden, Avenger, Paladin, Warlock etc.
BASIC – Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, Monk, Barbarian, Druid, Artificer etc.

Evolved PC’s show their powers, it is magical/visual in nature. Evolved PC’s are just good at what they do for example a Navy Seal. Any class could be potentially argued into any classification so consult with your DM if you have questions.

All races can be chosen and you will benefit from all their racial benefits but you will appear human as this is a modern game and elves do not exist on Earth.

Personalized Goals/Items

Every character starts with no items except for the following. (see below) Reasonable items will be allowed pending DM approval only.

Every player starts with character specific information and items. Other items can be acquired randomly or through purchase.

What you can carry logically will be scrutinized.


Guns and the like will function similar to the various forms of 4e crossbows and bows (see below). All will gain the “high crit” property with certain ammunition/modifications (sawed off) adding “brutal” at times.

In general, all feats, powers, magic items etc. that deal with crossbows and bows will also apply to firearms. In general a handgun is a crossbow and a rifle is a bow with shotgun falling under shortbow. If you have questions please consult with your DM.

Firearms are different in regards to weapon proficiencies. Anyone can use a hand gun if they are proficient with a crossbow, a rifle if they are proficient with a longbow and a shotgun if they are proficient with a shortbow.

When you roll to hit with a firearm you can “Aim” as a move action. In addition to the normal benefits of aiming (see Player’s Handbook) for every number over the intended “to hit” roll that you roll with a firearm that you are proficient in, add that as bonus damage if the attack is successful.

For example: Say you need a 14 to hit, but you spent a move action to “Aim.” By normal rules you gain a (plus 2) to your attack. You roll a 12, with the (plus 2) from “Aim” that equals 14. Add that to your modifier (plus 3). That totals 17; 17-14 = plus 3 points of damage to your attack roll in addition to normal damage.

-Firearm Feats

-Weapon Proficiency: Advanced Firearms (req. Weapon Proficiency: Basic Firearms) – You become proficient with a single advanced firearm

- Sharpshooter (req Dex 15, Wpn Prof: Firearms) – You compare your attack to AC and Reflex and target the lower of the two.

- Firearm Master (req Dex 15, Wpn Prof: Firearms) – when you use firearms all dice are considered one higher when dealing damage (i.e. d6’s = d8’s)

- Superior Reloader (req. Dex 15, Wpn Prof: Firearms) – Reloading for you is one category down.

- Trained Sniper (req. Dex 16, Wpn Prof: Firearms, Rogue) – You can use sniper rifle with Sneak Attack or any rogue power that normally requires a bow.

Note: reload (p) = if you are proficient with the weapon in question. If you are not up the action by one category (i.e free becomes minor. minor becomes move…etc.)

Basic Firearms

Light Handgun = Hand crossbow but with high crit property, load free (p)
Heavy Handgun = Crossbow but with high crit property, load minor (p)
Rifle = Longbow but with high crit property, load minor (p)
Shotgun = Shortbow but with high crit property and brutal 1, range 7/15, does not benefit from Far Shot feat., load minor (p)

Advanced Firearms

Sniper Rifle = Greatbow but with high crit property and brutal 2, load minor (p)
Automatic Pistol = Repeating crossbow but with high crit property, load free (p)
Automatic Rifle = Repeating crossbow but with high crit property, range 15/30 load free (p)
Sawed Off shotgun = Shortbow but with high crit property and brutal 2 plus push 1 on a hit, range 7/15, does not benefit from Far Shot feat, load minor (p)

Crossbows and bows remain unchanged from their 4e counter parts. Hand Crossbow, Crossbow, Repeating Crossbow, Superior Crossbow (scoped crossbow), Shortbow, Longbow, Greatbow.

Any firearm/bow/crossbow can have a Military grade version. A Military grade handgun/shotgun/rifle = +3 proficiency bonus instead of +2 and with possible magic item type upgrades like “Sniper’s Weapon” (Lvl. 13 AV)


Steve – Leader; Artificer
Norma Jean – Striker; Rogue
Tim – Controller; Invoker
-Raz – Controller, Ranger (Scout)
Jon – Striker;

updated 08/04/12 — added some reload clarifications

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